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Blue Earth Summit Outside Active
Blue Earth Summit - Line up announced

BLUE EARTH SUMMIT announces the first speakers for the keynote stage, including Sir Tim Smit KBE, Rosie Stancer and Kresse Wesling CBE. Read on to find out more about the summit and your Outside & Active exclusive ticket discount.

Date: Sep 24, 2021

927 x 500 Ski Touring for Beginners Shannon Mahre
Ski Touring for Beginners

I don’t think that I’ll ever forget the first time that I went ski touring. Standing on top of that un-touched run, with only my crew next to me and the sky above me, I was completely hooked. There’s something to be said for earning your turns instead of riding the chairlift up run after run. With the added hard works comes a feeling of accomplishment and a feeling of freedom that only exists when getting to your destination through human power. But with that freedom also comes added risks.

Date: Sep 17, 2021

Barefoot run sml
My first go at barefoot running

Inspired by meeting the BareFootCrew5k at the National Running Show, I thought I needed to see what this barefoot running malarky was all about.

Date: Sep 17, 2021

Danny bent 1
Danny Bent at the National Running Show

We caught up with Happiness Guru, Danny Bent, at the National Running Show on his recent adventure through Iceland and what's next for Danny as well as a little challenge.

Date: Sep 16, 2021

Eat like an elite athlete

Many top athletes dedicate their lives to their sport, training both their body and mind.

Although they push their bodies to the limit, nutrition plays an imperative role in their success. The food they consume influences strength, performance, training, and recovery. Here's an inside look into how (and what) elite athlete eat.

Date: Sep 8, 2021

Mark Roberts Anxiety vs Adventures
Anxiety versus Adventure

Battling years of depression and feeling of inadequacy, Mark decided enough was enough and became an adventurer, survivalist, bushcrafter and lover of the outdoors. This is his story.

Date: Sep 8, 2021