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Outside and Active Podcast

Welcome to the Outside & Active Podcast, my name is Dom and I play host to conversations tailored for those who love the outdoors.

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Be Inspired:
The Outside & Active Podcast features guests across the world of health and fitness, aiming to inspire, educate and entertain and audience of engaged outdoor enthusiasts. 

Hear from amazing guests:
From household names such as Dame Kelly Holmes, Ben Fogle and Paula Radcliffe, to industry heroes such as Laura Lou Crane, Katie Ormerod and Scott Jurek, to expert nutritionists, physiotherapists and life coaches, there is something for everyone on the Outside & Active Podcast. 

Perfect for your commute:
Episodes are released every Tuesday and are the perfect length for your run, walk or commute. You can listen to the Outside & Active Podcast on your choice of streaming platform and subscribe for free to keep up to date with the latest inspiration.

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Video versions:
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