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27 February, 2024


Simon Teagle - If you plan to climb everest do it sooner rather than later

This week on the Outside & Active Podcast we welcome Simon, who is taking on an extraordinary challenge for a more than worthy cause that is very close to him and his close ones.

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Simon has been in and out of running his whole life. He was always the kid who got bored walking so ran instead, if that’s from the bus to home after school, to competing in track and cross country.

Then in 2019 Simon was diagnosed with Relapse Remitting Multiple Sclerosis, a condition that his mother has also lived with for 40 years, and since then he has leaned into words that she received during her diagnosis – ‘if you planned to climb Everest, do it sooner rather than later’. 

Simon has used this sentence and his diagnosis as inspiration to challenge the norm against MS. He now runs to raise money and awareness for MS, completing numerous marathons, 50k’s and the 100k Jurassic Coast, with his eyes now set on an event of his own... the Cornish Coastal Path, 480km, 18000m vert, 7 days, 7 ultras, 7 teams and Simon himself.

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