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20 February, 2024


Tasha Thompson - Black Girls Do Run

Dom is joined by founder of 'Black Girls Do Run' in this weeks episode of the Outside & Active Podcast. From a few friends running to a registered charity. Find out how the story developed!

Tasha Thompson

Paving the way for a community

Tasha is the founder of Black Girls Do Run UK

In 2019 to celebrate 20 years of running, she decided to give back to the sport she loves and created Black Girls Do Run UK; a community to inspire, encourage and motivate regular black women to run. 

The group was founded based on her experiences throughout her years of running and noticing that there was a lack of diversity in races and running in general. Therefore she decided to try and do something about it. The initial aim of the group was to increase visibility of regular black women running and to meet up at races and it has grown into an amazing community.

Alongside this she wants to take on her first ultra-race, cycle around the Isle of Wight and keep running fun!

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