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30 January, 2024


Emma Campbell - This is why we all have limitless potential

Season 13 of the Outside & Active Podcast is all about running, and this week we kick off with special guest Emma Campbell. Tune in to this episode to find out why we all have limitless potential.

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Find your limitless potential

Emma Campbell is an author, speaker and host of the podcast, Open.

She’s known on social media as @limitless_em – a handle she adopted after her third cancer diagnosis in 2019 to serve as a daily reminder to herself and others that we all have limitless potential, despite the challenges we may face.

It was around this time that Emma found a new love for running and it very quickly became an incredible way of her emotionally managing yet another challenging time and also, a positive way of seeing her body work for her, despite needing new cancer treatment and two major operations.

She ran the London Marathon in 2020 and 2021 – fundraising on both occasions for the Royal Marsden Hospital where she continues to have her treatment. She’s also run the Vitality 10K in her underwear as part of the Celebrate You wave, the Great South Run and Race For Life.

Emma is happiest when she’s out on her regular early morning 5 and 10K’s around her local park and along the river – that’s when the gratitude dial is high and she really does feel limitless and very lucky to be alive.


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