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6 February, 2024


Adrienne Adhami - Giving you the belief that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things

Host of the Power Hour Podcast, Adrienne, sits down with Dom at the National Running Show. Adrienne is a leading wellness professional, international TEDx speaker, Author and epitome of the modern digital entrepreneur.

Adrienne Adhami

Meet Adrienne

Adrienne is a performance wellbeing coach, podcast host & author. From a running point of view, she is an endurance runner and has completed more than 20 endurance races around the world.

Adrienne is a brand advisor specialising in wellbeing and health technology. Earlier this year she was named one of the 'Top 25 Black Entrepreneurs to Watch' by HSBC & UKBBS.

Adrienne's weekly podcast 'Power Hour' has over 4 million downloads and is rated 5* on iTunes. Previous guests include Trevor Nelson, Fearne Cotton, James Clear & Dame Kelly Holmes.

Her book - Power Hour will help you to focus on your goals and create a life that you love.

Women's Health magazine said 'What Adrienne can't do, hasn't been created yet.' and British VOGUE named her as a 'New face of wellness.'

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