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6 March, 2024


Andy Baddeley - How to set a Parkrun world record

We continue the running themed conversations in this episode of the Outside & Active Podcast. This week Dom welcomes co-founder of the Running Channel Andy Baddeley.

Andy Baddeley

Co-Founder of the Running Channel

Running has been part of Andy's life since joining the cross-country team at primary school. 30 years later and he's still running, despite having fallen out of love and then back in love with it again a couple of times. 

Andy is a former professional athlete as well as a qualified Athletics Coach. He compete in two Olympic Games over 1500m, making the final in Beijing in 2008 and also finished the same year ranked number one in the world over a mile (3.49.48). But what most people prefer to talk to talk to him about is when he set the ‘world record’ for parkrun back in 2012 – 13:48 (5km) – which stood for 11 years.

In a former life he studied aerospace engineering before taking up running professionally in his twenties. On retiring his career in running, he co-founded The Running Channel.


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