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22 March, 2021


Picnics with your baby - Top 10 Tips

An article by Erin, Blaze Trails Yorkshire


As the sun starts to make an appearance, we’ve turned our minds to summer picnics. Eating out with baby can feel a bit daunting at first: What to pack?! What about the routine?! But it doesn’t have to be. It’s good to get your little one used to eating in different environments and is a great way of having quality time outdoors with your baby.

Here are our top tips for picnics with your little one:

1. Try and time a picnic with when your baby would usually eat or have a feed, when they are at their most relaxed and least tired - you’re all likely to enjoy the experience more.

2. Picnic Blanket: if you can find one with a waterproof bottom even better, also doubles up as a changing mat for those Ill timed nappy rumbles. If you will be breast or bottle feeding and know it will take a while, bring something like a cushion so that you will be comfy.

3. A good bib or soft dribble bib: Embrace the mess!

4. Wipes and change of clothes: See above! (You may also require a washable picnic blanket, it’s what it’s all about!)

5. Choose your food: we’ve learned from experience that watery yoghurt neither travels well, or has the consistency you want. Bring a variety of food with you and remember picnics are for treats, not getting all the nutrients in, so let baby try new things, strawberries, croissants, mashed avocado - if it’s food you can share, even better.

6. Embrace outdoor feeding: if you haven’t weaned baby yet, don’t worry about feeding outside, enjoy it! It’s a great experience for both of you, just make sure you are warm and comfortable if you know you will be sat for long periods.

7. Layers: it’s important baby is protected from the sun and doesn’t overheat. UV protection hats, sunglasses and sun cream are all a must and are easily available for babies. Let’s be honest, we live in Britain, so hats, gloves and waterproofs are worth packing too.

8. Treats for you: it goes without saying, cake is an essential.

9. Grab a great view!

10. Enjoy the experience: don’t be disheartened if baby doesn’t want to eat, is distracted or overwhelmed, or the dog eats the croissants. It’s all an adventure!

Blaze Trails

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