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3 July, 2023


National Cycling Show 2023 Event Highlights

If you missed the National Cycling Show and want to find out what it's all about (or maybe you did go and you want to see if you can spot yourself in the crowd), check out the event highlights video here.

National Cycling Show

The National Cycling Show is an immersive retail experience enabling consumers to try and buy everything from bikes to accessories. The show aims to normalise cycling, attract new audiences and show that there is a bike for everyone. This arena allows all levels and disciplines to purchase exactly what they need to achieve their cycling goals.

The show brings together the industry to educate, inspire and motivate, from road bikers, gravel, mountain and commuters. It will also inspire those who already have a passion for exercising outdoors to invest in cycling. The geographical location of the event attracts more of the UK, therefore making cycling more accessible.

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