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23 March, 2021


SplashMaps - Create a map especially for you

Special offer this weekend only

Splash Maps Product Image

Wouldn’t it be great to create a map especially for you that wouldn’t let you down, was centred exactly where you wanted, in a scale that suited your adventure and a format you’d enjoy most? Even better if that map was made of virtually indestructible weatherproof fabric and you could give it your own title.

Launched at The National Outside and Active Festival 2021, personalise our facemasks as one-off's! Choose any place (worldwide!) to centre your map on, write yourself a great title & with minimal clicks you've got a totally unique map facemask for just £14.99.

They're ideal as lockdowns ease & we get around more, there are even there’s even a choice of riding or walking scales! Convinced? (If not, what's wrong with you?!) Here's what Nicola Meadley, Event Director, of the fabulous Keswick Mountain Festival says about hers:

"I love it! I've ordered 5 for the core KMF team - I hope that's OK!"

(it definitely is!)

Having designed your fabulous mask, you can bulk buy like Nicola (with 20% discount!) or share the design with whoever you like, so they can make one exactly the same & pay for it themselves! Great for families, group events, sports/social clubs weddings etc.

We've never done one off personalisation for facemasks & it may not happen again - so jump on it now!


Because we’re all different, SplashMaps offer these uncompromising award-winning maps for anywhere in the world, at a range of scales and in 10 different formats, from neck warmers to tablecloths. Design fabric maps for yourself, friends, family or for outdoor loving groups. Walkers, runners, cyclists and adventurers all love a SplashMap!

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