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24 July, 2023


Ready for an epic adventure this summer

Natasha Sones has won an Adventure Queens grant to pursue an epic adventure this summer 2023, here is her story.

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“Our first paddlesports winner, Natasha is planning a multi-day solo paddleboarding trip in Finland. Starting in Helsinki she will explore the Eastern archipelago around the city which comprises 330 islands. As a mother of children with additional needs, Natasha SUPs for mental health and finds being on the water brings her peace.”

I love sharing my adventures hiking, swimming and paddleboarding. I am part of the Adventure Queens group, a UK based, not for profit women's adventure community - set up with the aim of delicately smashing down the barriers that prevent women from going on outdoor adventures and realising their full potential.

At Adventure Queens, they firmly believe that adventures in the outdoors, where you are pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone can have an incredibly positive impact. In October 2022 I applied for the Adventure Queens Grant, and I was over the moon in February 2023 to be told that out of almost 200 applications the judges chose me to be one of 2022/23 AQ grant winners!

The Adventure Queens Grant is their way of helping women take on their first human-powered, boundary-pushing, life-changing adventure through providing funding, kit and mentoring. This year Adventure Queens has teamed up with Eddie Bauer, Osprey and Komoot to provide three winners with £750 worth of Eddie Bauer kit, £700 cash, a legendary Osprey rucksack and a Komoot Premium subscription (worth £79.99) along with support and mentoring from the AQ community. Read more about it on the AQ blog post:

So in 2 weeks I am doing a solo adventure paddle in Finland around the Helsinki archipelago of remote natural islands! My adventure plan is a multi day solo paddleboarding trip in Finland. Starting in Helsinki I will explore the Eastern archipelago around the city which comprises 330 islands. As a mother of children with additional needs, I SUP for my mental health and find being on the water brings me peace.

I have always loved Finland, and only ever been in winter. I've had a yearning to go there too in the summer months across Finland - known for their white nights. I also love the idea of tieing in my adventure with my love of nature and hygge. The whole appeal of paddleboarding for me is the peacefulness and calm it brings me. It would be a privilege to experience Finland from the water, in a truly mindful way.

I will be powering myself a way across the Baltic sea - aided mainly by adventure spirit and chocolate. Plus where better to do an awesome adventure than the happiest country in the world?

I am delighted to be the first paddlesports winner of the Grant. I can't wait to show that adventures don’t have to be done only through hiking, cycling and running. I would love to inspire other women to follow their dreams too. I would especially love to encourage greater participation for females in paddlesports, particularly paddleboarding. It would be amazing for people to realise that paddleboarding adventures are right there ready to be had!

Follow me on social media to find out more about my adventures in Finland! @natashastarseeker

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Natasha Sones

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I have an outdoor adventures blog. Having three children, I am particularly interested in getting outside with my family. I aim to make every day an adventure, especially with my children, husband, dogs and friends. From exploring new cities to being in our campervan with the dogs, we like an adventure. We live near the sea and forest and explore every day.

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