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23 March, 2021


Pulseroll - Percussion Massage Gun

This newly designed produce takes professional grade therapy devices to the next level

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The Pulseroll vibrating product range is the next generation of warm-up and recovery aids for all levels of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The combination of pressure and vibration helps reduce muscle tightness and increases flexibility and reduce next day soreness (DOMS) after your training session. The newly designed Pulseroll Percussion Massage Gun takes professional grade therapy devices to the next level and is actively use by physios throughout Europe. 4 Percussive vibration speeds along with our Quiet Motion Technology(TM) provide you with therapeutic and individual treatment session to ensure you receive the best preparation and recovery experience. This item comes with 6 unique designed attachment heads which are easily interchangeable, that can help you target the unwanted pain or soreness, and a built-in rechargable Lithium-ION battery that provides over 5 hours battery life (at lower speeds).


Pulseroll products utilise vibration technology to help with increased circulation, improved mobility, reduced muscle soreness and myofascial release. Scientifically proven to help with recovery, the vibrating foam rollers, peanut ball, single ball and massage gun are being used by elite athletes and rehabilitation professionals. Ideal for use on the legs and feet to relieve tight hamstrings and calves as well as treat plantar fasciitis. With 4 – 5 vibration speed settings and a 3 hour rechargeable battery life, the products are super-versatile pieces of exercise equipment that offer many benefits similar to a sports massage.

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