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20 March, 2021

Pulseroll - Improve your fitness recovery and wellness

Pulseroll are UK leaders in fitness training, recovery and wellbeing products. We have a range of products which are scientifically proven to; increase circulation to help reduce muscle soreness, increase training recovery and circulation by 22% and improve range of movement by 14% as well as many other benefits. Perfect for all levels of runners and also used by professional athletes such as Jessica Ennis and Anthony Joshua.


Pulseroll products utilise vibration technology to help with increased circulation, improved mobility, reduced muscle soreness and myofascial release. Scientifically proven to help with recovery, the vibrating foam rollers, peanut ball, single ball and massage gun are being used by elite athletes and rehabilitation professionals. Ideal for use on the legs and feet to relieve tight hamstrings and calves as well as treat plantar fasciitis. With 4 – 5 vibration speed settings and a 3 hour rechargeable battery life, the products are super-versatile pieces of exercise equipment that offer many benefits similar to a sports massage.

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