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10 February, 2023


Make a date with yourself… get outside

This Valentine’s Day why not spend some time with a very important person – you? Whether you are single or have a family or partner we could all do with lavishing some attention on ourselves. Self care is very important and spending some time outdoors will make you feel better and improve your mood too!

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Why not take some time to enjoy a hobby solo. Go for a walk in the sunshine and look for the first signs of spring starting to flourish. Cycle in the woods or to the shops for a little treat. Go for a swim outdoors or a kayak down the river. Try night fishing or go for a jog to see the sun rise. Head to somewhere serene and do some yoga or mindful walking in the forest. Walk the dogs at the beach and listen to the waves soothing your soul.

If you don’t fancy any exercise then why not find a pub or café with outside seating. Take a book or just sit and enjoy the view with a refreshing drink or sandwich. Make a lunch date with yourself and enjoy some solitude. Combining this with a walk would be a perfect afternoon well spent.

If you have a hammock, comfy chair or blanket why not relax in the garden with a good book, puzzle or just to have a snooze. If it’s chilly you can wrap up warm with a blanket and hat. Or find yourself a nice spot in nature and relax there. Have a little outdoor picnic for one, enjoying the peace and scenery.

Another idea is to visit somewhere. A stately home, a zoo, a famous landmark near where you live. Pick somewhere you’ve never been to before or somewhere you love. Why not drive along a road and go to the first brown sign place you visit? Have a random adventure – just start walking and see where it takes you. Or drop a pin in a map and go for a hike of a few miles. Make sure you have a means of communication and a map!

Looking after yourself and treating yourself to quality time could be the perfect day out!

Natasha Sones

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I have an outdoor adventures blog. Having three children, I am particularly interested in getting outside with my family. I aim to make every day an adventure, especially with my children, husband, dogs and friends. From exploring new cities to being in our campervan with the dogs, we like an adventure. We live near the sea and forest and explore every day.

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