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15 February, 2022


How to see the Snow Moon

Despite February being fairly quiet for celestial events, we are quite lucky that if the sky is clear we can see a Snow Moon!

Snow moon

What is a Snow Moon?

It’s dubbed the Snow Moon due to the month’s colder temperatures and how it works with the seasonal elements of the lunar calendar.

The moon shines super bright and looks really big, so is quite the spectacle for everyone to witness.

But… we all know the weather in February could make it tricky to see.

How to see the Snow Moon

According to Science Focus, the moon will appear in the night sky on Wednesday 16th February and will be north the Regulus, the brightest star in Leo the Lion constellation.

It will be at it’s brightest at 4.56pm following the moonrise at 4.52pm and just before sunset at 5.17pm.

You get the best chance of seeing the full moon on a clear night, away from any light pollution so is a great opportunity for you and the family to have a bit of a dusk adventure.

Read our tips here on walking at night!

If we get a break in the clouds, it will be a site to be told.

Have a look at the Met Office website to check the full forecast for Wednesday’s snow moon in your area. 

Photo by Neven Krcmarek on Unsplash

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