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24 May, 2022

Get outside and active with the whole family

We talk to Georgie from GoWildGoWest about exploring in your own backyard and how you can make the most out of local adventures with your family.

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Adventures near you

This week we talk to Georgie from Go Wild Go West who are intent on bringing adventure to everyday family life.

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Especially with household budgets being squeezed right now, through my chat with Georgie we explore ways to make your local adventures more exciting, more interesting and… it’s all for free. No expensive car parks, no membership fees, we talk about home adventures, how to keep your kids motivated for going for a walk and, well poo. Yes, we talk about poo.

We talk about:

  • Ideas for how to adventure on a shoe string
  • How to go on an adventure with a reluctant child
  • Having fun with sticks
  • Being brave and being prepared for your walks
  • Flip a coin adventures
  • Night time adventures, watching sunset, enjoying sunrises
  • Dissecting poo…

We hope you enjoy listening to the episode. 

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About our friends at Whereabouts

Thank you to our season partners Whereabouts for helping to support the Outside & Active podcast. Whereabouts are a newly re-launched travel agent sending people on their bucket list adventure holidays every year from epic explorations, boundless backpackers to camper cruisers, you will really dig their tours… visit now – whereabouts are YOU going?

About Go Wild Go West

Shut your laptop, turn your phone on to silent, don’t even think about starting those chores, they can definitely wait!

Juggling kids, home, work, school, in-laws, dogs and everything else can be, well, a little repetitive and relentless. There’s something extremely liberating about just saying ‘stuff it, we’re off!’

At GoWildGoWest they’re intent on bringing adventure to everyday family life. We make sure there’s time to get outdoors and have some fun every week, whenever and wherever that may take us.

To find out more about GoWildGoWest visit their website here

Georgina Duckworth

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Go Wild Go West

Grab your wellies, pack some hot chocolate, and get ready to adventure…. With easy, fun, everyday ideas on getting outdoors with the kids, Georgie & Becks, aka the sisters of GoWildGoWest, bring new meaning to family outdoor adventuring.