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8 March, 2022


Celebrating International Women’s Day in the Outdoors

5 Conversations to inspire you this International Women’s Day

International Womens Day 2022

Why it’s important to celebrate International Women’s Day

IWD is an annual event on March 8th that celebrates the achievements of women while also highlighting the continued struggles for gender equality.

When it comes to the outdoors we have enjoyed watching and celebrating some incredible achievements from women adventurers, runners and outdoor enthusiasts. We have listed below our favourite content to help inspire women for a life in the great outdoors.

Conversations with Inspiring Women Adventurers

Vic Owens

We talk to Vic Owens about her incredible run last year, taking on the Lon Las which is a challenging run the length of Wales from Hollyhead to Cardiff, some 250 miles with over 13,000 feet of elevation.

Listen to the podcast here

Kadeena Cox

We return with this conversation with the inspirational parathlete Kadeena Cox. She talks to us about managing training with MS and what it was really like at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

Listen to Kadeena's podcast here

Jenny Tough

This week we get to share the top five moments when serial adventurer, traveler, endurance challenger and Montane athlete Jenny Tough has felt most alive on her adventures.

Listen to Jenny's top 5 moments here

Dame Kelly Holmes

We caught up with Dame Kelly Holmes for a behind the scenes conversation at the National Running Show. She is energetic, motivational and real - you could feel the emotion behind her words as we open up about mental health and we talk to Kelly about what she's been up to and what's next for her. Watch the interview for free now.

Listen to our conversation with Dame Kelly here

Nikki Love

We talk to Nikki about her 63 marathons in 63 days, adventure and her passion for running.

Watch the conversation here

Nikki Love

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