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11 January, 2022


Podcast with Jenny Tough

This week we get to share the top five moments when serial adventurer, traveler, endurance challenger and Montane athlete Jenny Tough has felt most alive on her adventures.

Jenny Tough's Top 5 Most Alive Moments

We had such a great conversation with Jenny, talking about some of her favourite moments when she felt most alive on her adventures. 

Jenny Tough (her real name!) is an adventure traveler and endurance challenger. She specialises in fast and light expeditions and has vast experiences on all continents in running, trekking, cycling, skiing, paddling, and sailing.

Currently living in Edinburgh she can be mostly found bikepacking around Scotland and abroad, or fastpacking (running very long distances with a heavy backpack) across mountains. She was the first person to run solo and unsupported across The Tien Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan, and the Atlas Mountains in northern Africa, on her ‘Run the world mountains’ mission to run across a mountain range on every continent.

If you want to find out more about Jenny and what she’s up to, you can have a look at her website Or if you want to find out more of what’s keeping her warm, dry and mobile on her adventures head over to

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We’ve also got the book that Jenny helped to curate called Tough Women Adventure Stories available on our shop, available here. It really is an awesome book, celebrating women in adventure!

Until next time, enjoy the outside.

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