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8 August, 2022

Your top 10 pick of summer of books and podcasts

Bored of the same podcasts, books and articles that you always revert back to? Looking for some renewed inspiration? Take a look at a collection of summer-themed books and podcasts that you may not have heard about - collated by contributor Nicky Chisholm

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Summer holiday books and podcasts

It is time to be inspired and to create your own adventures big or small.

The world is full of people living adventurous lives from extreme expeditions to a quick run around your local neighbourhood. The key to adventures is creativity, harnessing your passion and always a huge investment of time, energy and resources. Have a listen or sit back and read about some of the people that are treading their own adventure paths and see what resonates with your next adventure plans.

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  1. Podcast: Tough Girl Podcast: hosted by Sarah Williams
    Whatever adventure you want to go on, you will find an episode that’s perfect for you. 100’s and 100’s of episodes for you to choose from. My favourites so far are Leah Goldstein “on another level” and Michelle Moore, “powerhouse”.

  2. Podcast: The Outside and Active Podcast. These are short and sweet episodes and you can listen to in a 30-60 minute run or your commute to work. I really enjoyed the episodes with Steve Cram, Anita Bean and who can forget Sophie Power!

  3. Podcast: The Adventure Podcast hosted Matt Pycroft take a listen to episodes with Katie Arnold, The Forgotten Revolution and Tom Turcich, The World Walk, you have over 110 episodes to choose from.

  4. Read: The Adventure Revolution by Belinda Kirk. This book is a handbook for you to learn the tips and tricks of adventure and why it is so important to be part of the great outdoors. Take a look at Chapter 11 – To Become Your Best You.

  5. Read: National Geographic. I have been reading this since I was a student, you will never be disappointed if you are curious about the world. Check out the article on Stonehenge in the August Edition.

  6. Read: Sidetracked Magazine. This is a beautiful magazine devoted to adventure, expeditions and exploration. I was lucky enough to meet the Sidetracked team when then ran an adventure film evening in Brighton last year and have been hooked ever since. Take a peek, you will not be disappointed. You can also go along to the Sidetracked Live: The Creators Tour 2022 in the Autumn.

  7. Read: 3 Books, 1 author, tonnes of adventures across the world. Perfect long books for your holiday - The Pant of Perspective, The Llama Drama, The United States of Adventure - Anna McNuff

  8. Read: Tough Women Adventure Stories, Jenny Tough. This is collection of all female adventurous doing what they love. They are all fearless, tough and curious about our beautiful world. I guarantee you will love all the stories and at least one will make your heart sing.

  9. Random Read: About the Scottish Tree Hugging Championship – who knew that was even a thing!! 

  10. Random Read: About a Grandma that travelled around the UK on her bus pass! She proves your adventures don’t have to stop when you hit your 70’s 

Happy Holidays and if you have any recommendations for us, please leave in the comments below.

Contributor information - Nicky Chisholm

This article was written by contributor, Nicky Chisholm. To find out more about Nicky you can head to her Facebook by clicking here.

Nicky Chisholm is a mum of two teens and lives in Brighton with her family. Nicky’s first love is her Campervan Daisy they are a match mad in heaven. They are always ready to find adventure anytime and anywhere. Her super powers are her creativity, her catching energy and her capacity to generate ideas ranging from the scary to the ridiculous.

Nicky Chisholm

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