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8 May, 2024


#Makingwaves - We Are Looking For 10 Women To Share Their Adventure Story

Adventures Big and Small are good for the soul, they provide a space outside of everyday life to catch your breath and reboot. Life will always throw curveballs at us, most of which we don't see coming and are ill-equipped to handle when they arrive.

A group of women posing and laughing in the ocean

We all find our own way to manage difficult situations; at best we navigate them with a plan and at worst we muddle by just getting through the day!

We want to inspire more women to use adventure as a way to navigate, lifes many up, downs and inevitable changes.

To enter the competiton click the APPLY HERE

Here are a few ideas to kick-start your own mini adventures

🌞Keep it simple - Find out about local parks and open spaces, playgrounds, nature reserves, and sports pitches

🌞Visit a National Trust property

🌞Book a camping holiday using UK Camp Sites

🌞Plan a new hiking route using the OS Map and download the OS App.

🌞Sign up for Charity Challenge such as marathons, mud runs, 5 K's, climbing mountains in the UK, or take on an International challenge - this is a great idea if you love being part of a big community with a common goal.

🌞Trying something new - rollerskating, star gazing, picnic in the park, or a BBQ on the beach.

🌞Visit an Adventure Festival: check out Kendall Festival- these will be full of events and people that will inspire your next adventure!

🌞Enter our photo Seaside Adventure Photoshoot! Your story will be featured in our online Gallery and will inspire others, your photo will be posted online and 10 of our entries will win a place on our photoshoot.

We are looking for 10 winning women to join our empowering photography experience in June

We’re on the hunt for a diverse bunch of women who have overcome challenges in their life and infuse their days with real passion and purpose.                                                                               

You might be emerging from the baby years, wondering who on earth you are, navigating the waters of empty nesting, wrestling with the changes of menopause, recovering after illness, or seeking a fresh start after a rough ride. Perhaps you’ve yet to take time back for yourself and this gathering is the moment that will kick-start the process.

If you can relate to any of the above, tell us the story of how you are using adventure and exploration to fuel self-discovery and propel yourself forward. 

Adventure does not have to involve flying to far-flung places (although it can do!) One woman’s molehill may be another woman’s mountain. It’s all about how the experience nudges us out of our comfort zone and enables us to grow. That’s the exciting part.

Tell us where you are Hiking, Walking, Camping, Stargazing, or having Secret Picnics?
Perhaps you’ve started ‘Mudlarking’ on our coast? Climbing trees? Fundraising for great causes? Foraging or Forest Bathing?

However big or small, whatever your adventure, we want to hear your story! Check out the Gallery 

Picutre of a woman posing in a field Image of a woman posing in front of the ocean Image of a woman posing in the sea

Enter now!

To enter the competiton click APPLY HERE

The competition launches: Tuesday 30th April, 9 AM and is open for 4 weeks

The competition closes on: Friday 24th May, 5pm

The photos will become part of a social media campaign with PinkNicky and The Outdoor Studio to encourage more women into adventures, as a way of navigating uncertain times and celebrating a new-found freedom.

We look forward to receiving your entries and sharing your story to inspire others to try adventures big and small as a way to navigate through the many changes that life brings.

Image of a woman posing in the sea Image of a woman posing in the sea Image of a woman laughing in the ocean Pink nicky

Nicky Chisholm

Contributor Images 33

My very first adventure was on a Tall Ship called The Sir Winston Churchill when I had just turned 18.

I have loved adventures ever since. Although I still get seasick 30 years on!

I would describe myself as an everyday adventurer. I try and squeeze adventure into my every day from walks, swims and runs to film, podcasts and books. I am always on the look out for communities to connect with and adventures to be found.

I have just hit 50 and my adventure journey has changed so many times over the years, from a 20-year-old canoeing and sailing instructor, to a Mum with young children teaching them to embrace the outdoors through camping, building dens and cooking on open fires, to a mum of young teens when we surfed, coast steered, climbed Ben Nevis and swam in the North Sea!

My boys are in their late teens now and are slowly flying the nest, it is here I find myself now, ready to embrace the next stage of my adventure journey.

Embracing my new found freedom and loving being outside, I am ready to do some exploring!

My adventure journey has included Moonwalks, marathon walks along Hadrians Wall and the South Coast, firewalks, abseiling down castles, coast steering, a cross country ski marathon in the Arctic Circle, a wing walk and training in an Environmental Cold Chamber at the University of Sussex at minus 20!

I have just come back from running a 1/2 marathon in Greenland - the biggest and most extreme event I have ever taken part in. This Arctic adventure has definitely left me with a fire in soul for more adventures.

This year I am off trekking in Peru, visiting the Amazon Rainforest, hiking around the Isle of Wight and organising a mega sea swim for over 500 "mermaids" to celebrate International Women's Day.

When I am not on an adventure I am working with my beautiful VW Camper Van called Daisy on photo shoots - if you want you or your business to stand out from the crowd then its time to book a branding shoot with Daisy.

See what DaisyVW has been up to

Photo Shoot Dates: Private shoots also available on request

Check out The Big Mermaid Dip for International Women's Day in Brighton - March 11th - Watch out for March 2024 Dates

Happy Adventuring

Nicky Chisholm aka #PinkNicky

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