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29 April, 2023


Trying to Surf for the first time ever at The Wave

In this weeks Outside & Active adventure, Dom and the team head to Bristol where they take on The Wave.

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Surfing for the first ever time

Surfing has always been something I have looked at from a distance and thought "yeah, I reckon I could do that", as I am sure most people do, but have never bridged the gap from curious onlooker to actually taking to the waves... until now.

I have heard that there are multiple transferable skills to surfing and, of course, the key is balance. Skateboarding and Snowboarding are the obvious activities that would make for an easier transition to surfing but unluckily they are also both missing from my portfolio. 

Even without any previous experience, I was heading to this experience with the upmost confidence and excitement, ready to try something I had never done at a place I had only ever seen through a screen. Luckily I was not on my own, members of the Outside & Active and Raccoon Media Group team also travelled to Bristol to take on the Wave, all with various levels of experience in the surfing game.

What could go wrong...

The Wave

The Wave is an  inland  surfing  destination  born out of a passion for technology, nature and human health. At its heart is an unbelievable surfing lake with perfect waves, set in incredible green space.

They want to help everyone to:

  • Surf more
  • Be happy in their mind and body
  • Reconnect to the planet
  • Feel alive!

One wave at a time.

It’s their mission to bring unbelievable surfing experiences inland. the Wave use the best technology to put perfect waves at the heart of incredible green spaces, so that everyone can experience our passion for surfing, connect to the natural world and be happier and healthier.

We are very thankful to have been invited down by the lovely team at The Wave to try out this incredible experience. Find out how we got on my watching the video below.

Trying to SURF for the FIRST TIME EVER at THE WAVE

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Dominic Brown

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Hi! I'm Dom and I am the Digital Communications Manager at Outside & Active. I manage the content and marketing for this site and sometimes document my experiences and thoughts. I absolutely love to be outside and active in any way possible.

I have been playing all varieties of sports since the age of 5 but in the past few years I have somehow become a 'runner'. This has opened my eyes to a whole new world of adventure, I still love playing team sports and heading to the gym - but managing this website has helped me explore different ways to enjoy the outdoors.

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