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13 March, 2023


The Ultimate Camping Checklist

Thinking of heading out on a camping adventure? Take a look at our 6 top tips to think about before you start your camping journey.

Vango ultimate camping checklist

1 - Pack the Right Sustainable Kit

This may seem obvious but a great trip can be made on the back of great kit choices. There are so many options out there; so many decisions to make from tents to sleeping mats. The vast array on the market can be overwhelming. Camping brand Vango has been going since 1966 and do a great range of kit made from recycled plastic bottles so you can camp ethically and stay dry at the same time.

2 - Make Sure You Are Well Fed

If you are planning to explore your surrounding areas, good scran is important. Camping meals have come a long way since the 90’s and the Firepot brand now offer a range that includes vegan and gluten-free meals. Stand out dishes include the Baked Apple Porridge for breakfast and the Chilli Non-Carne. Or Julia Rutland’s On a Stick Cookbook offers 50 recipies for things you can, well, cook on a stick over a fire.

3 - Leave No Trace

We are blessed in Great Britain with glorious countryside, hills and forests. No matter if you are a camping novice or a technical aficionado, it is important to preserve the outdoors for future generations. Wherever you go, make sure you ‘Leave No Trace’ to minimise the impact when visiting the outdoors. Travel on durable surfaces to limit the damage to land and let “Pack it in, Pack it out” become your adventure mantra.

4 - Do Your Research

Planning your trip away is part of the fun, and after a year of not really having much in the social calendar, the bet is that you want to savour those moments. Make sure you research your site and surrounding areas to pick the right location for your adventure. In many places in the UK, wild camping is not permitted so make sure you choose a reputable campsite, the Camping and Caravanning Club has a list on its website, offering locations across the country.

5 - Prepare For Every Eventuality

Some say ‘there is no bad weather for camping, just bad kit’. Before you head off on a trip make sure you have suitable clothes for all the Great British Summertime can bring. Light-weight waterproofs are key. These Montane Podium Pants do the job and pack down into a palm-size pouch. A reliable mac is also a must, and don’t forget to invest in some comfortable hiking boots before you set off.

6 - The Creature Comforts

When you are away from home for a few days it is the little things that you start to miss. An inflatable pillow may feel like a luxury, but two days in and this beauty will make you feel refreshed and ready to take on that next Munro. On a practical level, invest in a mini-first aid kit, just in case.

A couple of other helpful resources:

• For planning and sharing your route, Komoot is used by outdoor enthusiast country-wide here

• If you are feeling a bit adventurous, BBC Good Food has some interesting recipes for around the campfire: here

• To make sure you explore safely, check out the adventure guide from the experts at mountain rescue: here

Image: Marcus Marritt Illustration

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