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11 March, 2022


Testing Waterproof Running Kit with Sealskinz

As runners, we all know how difficult it can be to step outside and get active when it’s pouring down with rain and bitterly cold.

Waterproof Socks

Sometimes we simply just don’t want to tackle the elements, but most of the time we just don’t have the accessories to keep us warm and dry. That’s why today, I am talking to you about the Sealskinz products and letting you know if their waterproof-wearables stick to their word of keeping the water out and keeping the warm in.

I was fortunate enough to take the trip from London to the Peak District last week to take part in the Sealskinz: ‘Connect With Nature’ event last week where I was invited to try out their waterproof products, including the beanie, cap, gloves and socks. You can watch the highlights of my experience above, but for the full lowdown – carry on reading!


When arriving in the store I was greeted with a goodie back that included the aforementioned waterproof running products as well as a few other goodies. The Sealskinz products we were testing included a beanie, cap, gloves, and socks. Instantly, for me and the other in the group, it was changing time.

We all stuck our running gear on and started doing the obligatory catwalk strides and glove stretching to get a feel for the products. I have to say, I am not much of a hat person, but the beanie and cap were a nice warm fit. The socks, whilst not feeling like your standard running socks, they felt secure and ready to stop the water and mud which was soon to come. The gloves were thick and durable, but the real test of them was to come…


Whilst one half of the group headed on a hike to the meeting point, I opted to join the trail run team who ventured out on a 10km run through mud, rivers, fields, and road, to really test the durability and quality of the products. As someone who does not usually wear gloves and hats to run, I found the transition easy, and the products did not feel alien or uncomfortable.

There was no messing around, we were straight into the Yorkshire mud and water which instantly turned the shoes and lower legs brown! After 5km of running through mud we stopped by a shallow river to… clean off, shall we say. This was a great opportunity to get stuck in and jump into the water without fear of the rest of our run being spoilt by soggy toes. We were also testing the gloves, which also boasted the waterproof quality. I was taken aback by the quality of these gloves with the entire group picking up water and running our hands through the stream, to find the gloves being bone dry just seconds later.

The weather in the North decided to be particularly unfriendly to us that day, “perfect testing weather”! The Sealskinz representative shouted gleamingly. The gloves and hat did a great job of keeping us warm and getting us through the rest of the trail run, a truly fantastic experience.


We met the hiking group on top of a hill, where we battled the cold winds, but also got to experience some amazing outdoor cooking from Harrison Ward, AKA Fell Foodie. Who rustled up an incredible Chickpea & Spinach vegan curry for the entire group. We actually have the full recipe up on our website which you can check out here.

After tucking into our delicious food, we were then treated to a Q&A session from Harrison, who was stationed behind his outdoor kitchen. He talked us through his difficult journey and was very open about his troubles which eventually lead him to an overnight catharsis before finding the outdoor world and cooking in the wilderness. This was a fantastic (and very tasty) experience, which complemented the trail run which preceded it.

Finally, the bitter wind was getting the best of the group so we packed up and hiked back down to the shop, stopping once more by the river to ensure we tested the gloves and socks were rigorously tested!


Thank you to the team at Sealskinz and Aspire for organising an amazing day. It was a pleasure to head up for the day and meet equally awesome runners. If you want to check out the Sealskinz products, you can head to their website here.

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