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15 October, 2021

Slow down - it's amazing what you'll see

Are we missing too much by rushing from A-B? Contributor Alex reminded herself on a recent hike to slow down, and be amazed at what you can find.

On a recent walk, contributor Alex spotted the infamous but allusive (to her) the fairy tale of mushrooms, the Fly Agaric on a recent walk in Thetford Forest (Thetford Forest is the largest lowland pine forest in Britain).

It was a great reminder that late summer, heading into early Autumn, is the best time to see them (and other mushrooms) and to be more alert, looking down at the reminded Alex that late summer into Autumn is the best time to see them and to be more alert on the lookout through the fauna and flora, as it can be very easily missed. 

Despite them supposedly being common in woodlands it was a bucket list moment for Alex and well worth the 38 year wait it took her to finally find one. 

I’ve often wondered have I just been unlucky not spotting them on my regular walks or have I not looked around me enough? It was a great reminder to sometimes slow the pace to get to the final destination and just enjoy the journey searching the woodland floors for hidden treasures this autumn.

In case there’s any inquiring minds, no, Alex didn’t eat it and like all things we encounter we left it safe in all it’s glory for the next wonderer to see. 

Click here for more info from the Woodland Trust on the Fly Agaric.

If you're ever unsure of what you find in the wild, you can use guide books or apps like Seek to help you identify what's around you. 

F Ly Agaric

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