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1 November, 2022


Running my FIRST ultra marathon

Running any ultra marathon is an experience, but running your first one takes you through a whole new set of emotions and pain. Take a look at Dom's vlog where he attempted to run the Glasgow 2 Edinburgh 50 mile event.

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The Glasgow 2 Edinburgh ultra marathon

The Glasgow 2 Edinburgh ultra marathon is a 57 mile race, organised by GB Ultras, which starts in... you guessed it, Glasgow, and finishes in the outskirts of Edinburgh. The event provides a fantastic opportunity to explore two great cities before and after partaking in the 57 miles. The route also passes the Falkirk Wheel and the Antonine Wall, the Northernmost point of the Roman Empire.

Following the River Kelvin, Sustrans Route 754, the Forth and Clyde Canal, the Union Canals, and the Water of Leith from Glasgow to Edinburgh. Glasgow with its vibrant culture is home to 41% of Scotland's population and Edinburgh, Scotland's Capital, with its 'Old Town & New Town' and 'Royal Mile' a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is famed for its Castle, Holyrood, Scottish Parliament & Artur's Seat.

Top 100 finishers earn a Gold G2E Ultra® Medal, 101-200 finishers earn a Silver G2E Ultra® Medal and 201+ finishers earn the Bronze G2E Ultra® Medal. There are additional Bespoke GB Ultras Trophies for the Top 3 Male and Top 3 Female finishers.

The course records are as follows:

Mens PB - Martin Heggie - 7 Hours 6 Minutes 26 Seconds (2022)

Ladies PB - Jessica Haney - 8 Hours 30 Minutes 47 Seconds (2022)

My first ultra marathon 

Of course, for my first ever ultra marathon, I wasn't planning on getting anywhere close to these amazing times. To be honest, the closer and closer the event came, my ambitions shifted further away from a time and more towards actually finishing the event. 3 months before the event, I put together an article which outlined my thoughts and feelings ahead of the event. You can check that out here before coming back to see how I actually got on!

Before we head over to the video, a massive thank you to GB Ultras for putting on an incredible race. All of the staff and volunteers before, during and after the event were extremely helpful and friendly, which helps make the experience all the more... 'enjoyable', for lack of a better word!

Running my FIRST ultra marathon | Glasgow 2 Edinburgh Ultra

In this latest Outside & Active adventure, Dom takes on his very first ultra marathon - the Glasgow 2 Edinburgh 56 mile ultra. The event is organised by GB Ultras, who specialise in supported events covering 50, 100 & 215 Mile Ultra Marathons. Follow Dom & Mike's journey as he experiences his first ever ultra marathon and be inspired to take on your own challenge.

Dominic Brown

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Hi! I'm Dom and I am the Digital Communications Manager at Outside & Active. I manage the content and marketing for this site and sometimes document my experiences and thoughts. I absolutely love to be outside and active in any way possible.

I have been playing all varieties of sports since the age of 5 but in the past few years I have somehow become a 'runner'. This has opened my eyes to a whole new world of adventure, I still love playing team sports and heading to the gym - but managing this website has helped me explore different ways to enjoy the outdoors.

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