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24 August, 2021


Review - Bach's Dr Duffel Bag

For my recent weekend camping adventure with one of my boys, we were fortunate to bring the Dr Duffel bag from BACH along for the trip and were surprised at just how much kit we could fit inside.

Bach Bags Dr Duffel Bag camping

It’s not just any other duffel, doubled as a backpack for easy transport to our van less camping pitch, we could fit everything inside. My boys baby sister tried to hide herself away inside just before we departed, and not a small two year old, you can see I’m not exaggerating when I say we could have taken the kitchen sink with us as well.

First off what hits you is the durable nature of the bag. We had no qualms worrying if it would be up to the task of being carried (and dragged by the boy in some cases!) across wet and muddy English fields for our staycation camping adventure.


It’s super wide rectangle opening makes it easy to pack kit and split between mine and the boys clothing and outside gear. With handy internal pockets to keep some of the essentials from being lost in the ether of camping equipment we were bringing with us, it made it easy to find the notepad, pack of cards and other essentials like…our camera to film our adventure!

So much space

Looking out our flat lay of all the kit we needed, here’s a quick summary of some of the larger items we packed, which doesn’t include all of the peripheral items we included:

  • Clothes for both hot, sunny, wet, windy, muddy weather we experienced in 72 hours of British camping
  • Two sleeping bags, plus one small inflatable mattress
  • Two pillows plus a thick Mexican blanket for the cold nights
  • Mini camping stove
  • Cooking essentials: pot & pan plus two times bowls, plates and cups
  • Head torches

So yes, the mega wide, self standing huge opening was super simple to pack all of our gear.

Bach Bags Dr Duffel Bags Bach Dr Duffel Outside And Active Bag


You might think carrying all of this gear would be a hard weight for any bag to carry (we don’t have a complete set of micro gear yet!), but the duffel style handles made for easy transport in / out of our van and around the campsite but unzipping the secret pockets revealed the padded backpack straps that are super easy to attach and made for carrying across the muddy fields a lot easier for me!


For us, it was the perfect bag to carry all of our camping gear for a weekend of adventures. Super easy to pack, big enough to hold all of our gear and strong enough to last for many more adventures to come (in fact, we’ve just returned from another week away with the whole family…and EVERYTHING went in the Bach Dr Druffle Bag .

As Bach themselves say: “Collect Moments. Not things – they usually don’t last long. Except for our BACH packs. They do.

Check out the full range at or follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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