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10 May, 2022


Podcast with Julia Bradbury

We talk to Julia Bradbury about bribing our kids to go on walks, the camping and caravanning club, cancer and the importance of spending time outside every single day.

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In conversation with Julia Bradbury

In the first episode of season three of the Outside & Active podcast, we are joined by Julia Bradbury, one of the small screen’s most popular and versatile presenters.

Listen to the episode here

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Podcast with Julia Bradbury

Through our chat, we talk about bribing our children to get out on walks and enjoying the outdoors and when one of Julia’s children said “mummy, blossoms make me feel happy” I think both of our hearts melted a little… Getting children used to being outside and enjoying the outdoors can be difficult but take small steps. Find a tree to climb. A new park to play in. Julia shares some great advice for families here.

When looking at ourselves however, it’s very easy to lose sight of how we need to keep our natural body systems working properly. We need to move, we need to incorporate natural exercise into our everyday lives as when we don’t we start to get ill, we start to feel run down by the effects of our stressful lives. It’s incredibly important to get outside for 120 minutes a week (that’s just two hours), which form a recent study showed that everyone that took part in the exercise felt better both mentally and physically from being in the outdoors.

Julia also talks to us about being the first female President of the Camping and Caravanning Club and how the club is opening up camping and the wild for everyone. Julia uses the outdoors both as a place to restore herself maybe do some sort of mindful meditation or using the outside for calming purposes, or she can use time outdoors to push herself and challenge herself and camp in some weird place and find something new again.

Finally, we also talk about Julia’s experience with cancer and the benefits of time outdoors can have on your mental and physical well-being. A surprising subject to talk about you may think, but every day since Julia’s operation in October 2021, she has spent some time outside whether that’s doing her shoulder shrugs in the garden, watching birds playing or a short walk around the block.

You may want to watch Juila’s recent documentary we talked about over titled “Julia Bradbury, Brest Cancer and Me” on ITV here

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About Julia Bradbury

Julia Bradbury is one of the small screen’s most popular and versatile presenters.

Having taken the helm on BBC One’s rural affairs show Countryfile alongside Matt Baker in 2009, the show’s ratings soared to over 7 million viewers.

Julia’s reputation as the face of the outdoors began when she fronted Wainwright Walks, a stunning BBC Four series shot in the Lake District.

In Climb Britain for BBC1, Julia faced her fears and managed to successfully climb to the top of The Old Man of Stoer – a 60-meter high sea stack that surges from the sea alongside the cliffs in Lochinver, Sutherland. Julia had never rock climbed before and regards this as one of her most frightening challenges.

As a pioneer for outdoor exploration and adventure, drawing on her epic travels throughout the UK, Julia Bradbury has contributed to DK Travel Guides’ Where To Go When: Great Britain and Ireland.

Camping and caravanning club website

Established in 1901, The Camping and Caravanning Club is the world's oldest and largest Club for all forms of camping. Our aim is to help people enjoy the simple pleasures that camping can bring and we are proud to have over 700,000 members who agree! Click here to find out more about the club.

The Outdoor Guide

This is a great site all about the outdoors. Julia talked to us about their Wellies and Waterproofs Campaign getting the very basics to children across the country that don’t have access to gear like this. Their goal is to provide 10 sets of waterproofs and wellies to every school around the UK. Click here to find out more.

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