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15 November, 2022


Laura Lou Crane - Being an inspiration to my younger self

In this episode of the Outside & Active Podcast, outdoor enthusiast, influencer and model, Laura Lou Crane talks through her love for the outdoors, her experience on Love Island and battles with eating disorders.

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This week on the Outside & Active podcast, Dom is joined by Laura Lou Crane.

Professional surfer, snowboarder, model & influencer, Lauras passion for snowboarding began at the age of 9 and alongside professional surfing she became fascinated with the slopes and outdoor adventure activities.

Since then Laura has represented Great Britain internationally for surfing, ranking fifth in the 2013 International Surfing Association European Championships.

Whilst travelling the world competing, Laura continued to model for International brands including Nike, Billabong, Chilli Surfboards and more. Laura is dedicated to promoting a healthy body image and flying the flag for talented, female surfers and sportswomen across the globe.

In this episode, Laura talks through her early experiences competing across Europe, her journey on Love Island, the battles she encountered with eating disorders and how she looks to be an inspiration to the young version of herself. 

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