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28 November, 2022


Jamie Ramsay - Endurance adventurer

Get your camping fix with Jamie Ramsay, an award-winning endurance adventure athlete.

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After 12 years working for an international communications agency, he wasn’t happy with the direction of his life and realised if he didn’t make some drastic changes then things would continue to spiral downwards. His solution was to quit his job (after being promoted to Partner), fly to Vancouver and run 17,000km to Buenos Aires solo and unsupported.

Following the success of this adventure, Jamie has dedicated his life to pushing his perceived boundaries. Each adventure he undertakes is designed to challenge him in new ways.

Over the years, Jamie has worked with a number of notable global and UK brands including Microsoft, Land Rover Mobile, Gore Wear, Cotswold Outdoor and Whole Earth.

Jamie Ramsay - Endurance adventurer

Jamie is joined by Ashley, from the Outside & Active team, as they talk through Jamie's myriad of camping based challenges.

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If you enjoyed this conversation and want to learn more about Jamie then you can head to his website:

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