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13 June, 2022


Getting the most out of your drysuit

Out in your kayak, on your paddleboard, or doing any water activity where you could use a little extra protection? Dry suits are an excellent choice.

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Breathable Drysuits

Like Mustang Survival’s collection – the Helix and Hudson, surface dry suits are often made with breathable fabrics as wearers who spend much of their time on the surface often get overheated and/or dehydrated.

Along with being breathable, dry suits are waterproof and watertight and insulate against heat transfer to the surrounding environment. Aiding in keeping water out, the neck and wrists often incorporate soft rubber (like Latex) or neoprene seals and purge valves to evacuate any water that may creep in.

All of this is to say that dry suits should be part of your safety plan when you spend a lot of time on the water. Now, on to getting the most out of yours!

The right fit

Our dry suit should fit loosely as the design allows for added layers, like the Mustang Survival Kazan Dry Suit Liner. These extra layers provide more thermal protection that may be critical in certain climates and environments.

Mustang survival dry suit liner holding dry suit on boat
Putting on a drysuit on boat

For women, exciting things are happening. Traditionally, in marine sports, they have had to contend with suits engineered and ergonomically designed for men. Now, some female-specific suits are hitting the market, like Mustang Survival’s Helix Drysuit for women. The specific cut and clever helical zipper (for donning, doffing, and relief) make this a superior fit option for women on the water.

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Neck seal options: Latex vs. CCS

When choosing a drysuit, one of the big decisions is - Closed Comfort System (CCS) or a Latex neck seal?

dry suit neck fit
the right neck fit on a drysuit

Latex at the neck and wrists of dry suits offer a secure and dependable seal to prevent water from getting in. The latex can be trimmed to customize the fit and increase comfort. However, some wearers find it too restrictive and tight, causing pinch points.

The Mustang Survival-developed Closed Comfort System (CCS) seals against water but isn’t as tight as a latex seal. It also lets you easily regulate body temperature and don and doff (put on and take off) due to its adjustability. In combination with their CCS neck system, Mustang Survival also uses robust neoprene for exceptional comfort at the wrists.

What’s best for you? The CCS neck seal is the most comfortable option; however, the latex seals are the right choice when accidental submersion may occur.

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Tips for getting in – and out of your drysuit

One of the most challenging parts of using a dry suit can be putting it on. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make it easier.

  1. Start by laying out a towel or tarp to protect your dry suit socks and avoid getting uncomfortable and damaging debris inside your suit.
  1. Remove anything from your body that may snag it – jewelry, glasses, and shoes especially! Then, loosen anything on the suit that can be loosened before stepping into it.
  1. To make pulling on the wrist seals easier, apply talcum powder inside the seals or wrap a plastic bag around your hand as you guide it through. Do not make a fist, and if you need to gently pull on the suit to get your hand through, pull on the cuff, not the seal.
  1. Always ensure the suit is sealed by completely docking the zipper.
  1. Tighten it up! Cinch, buckle, and fasten anything that is designed to customize your fit.
  1. Finally, remove excess air by crossing your arms and gently sliding your fingers between your neck and the seal, squat down, and force excess air through the neck opening. Now you're ready to hit the water!

When it is time to get out of your dry suit, remove any equipment worn over the suit and thoroughly rinse down the exterior. Loosen all the adjusters and tabs, open the zipper and extract yourself, paying careful attention to not pull directly on any seals.

Click here for a step-by-step guide to drysuit donning and doffing.

Wearing a dry suit can make for a successful adventure. Check out Mustang Survival for a selection of high-performance dry suits to complete your next paddle or on-the-water trip.

This article is an advertorial from our friends at Mustang Survival. 

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