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29 March, 2021

Cabanon Tents - Montana

Ideal for holidays or for a stay in nature, alone or with a partner, the Montana 3 tent from Cabanon is a 100% cotton traditional Canadian tent!

Montana 3

The overhang is ideal for storing backpacks and camping gear.

The fabric of this tent is waterproof and rot-proof. It has a V-shaped pole, which makes it easy to enter the tent. The ground sheet is sewn in for perfect insulation! This keeps you dry in bad weather and wet conditions.

The frame of the tent is simplified to ensure a quick set up time of about 10 minutes.

The Montana 3 has a bedroom that sleeps 2-3 people.

Tips: The Montana 3 is a popular tent for youths or camp leaders. See the Montana 4 in the same range, which sleeps 4 people.

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For more than 50 years, Cabanon has been designing and manufacturing tents and canvas products, in the North of France.

All tents and trailer tents are entirely manufactured in Dunkirk, from the frame to the canvas. Cabanon unique know-how in France, has been rewarded by "Life Heritage Entrerprise" label.