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20 October, 2021


5 Tips for planning your next accessible adventure

We believe that outdoor adventures should be accessible for people of ALL abilities! put together our top 5 online resources for planning your next accessible outdoor adventures!

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5 Online Resources For Planning Your Next Accessible Outdoor Adventure!

We believe that outdoor adventures should be accessible for people of ALL abilities! put together our top 5 online resources for planning your next accessible outdoor adventures!

The Outdoor Guide – Access TOG

Julia Bradbury has developed a fantastic website “The Outdoor Guide” which has it’s very own Access TOG section with heaps of wheel-friendly walks across the UK. Each walk has been tried, tested and written up by Debbie North. The blog is full of helpful and practical advice including reviews of all terrain wheelchairs.

An outright purchase of an all terrain wheelchair can be expensive, but with a little research you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the amount of local places that hire them out free of charge. Many National Trust sites do this, including Tarn Hows, Malham Tarn and Fountains Abbey – You must call ahead to pre-book.oor Guide – Access TOG

The Wildlife Trust – Accessible Nature Reserves

There are many therapeutic benefits for people with disabilities to immerse themselves in nature. Nature reserves often offer a quieter environment which can help to restore balance in an over stimulated mind.

The Wildlife Trust have a number of accessible nature reserves across the country which offer close encounters with UK wildlife. From bird watching in a hide to exploring ancient woodland, nature reserves offer a quiet and exciting opportunity to connect with nature and wildlife.

Wheels For All – adaptive cycling

The Wheels For All initiative embraces people of all abilities to take part in cycling. They have many clubs across the UK with the means to welcome individuals, groups and families. Their leaders have the expertise and confidence to work with adaptive cycles and enable everyone to get outdoors and enjoy the benefits of cycling.

Activity Alliance

The Activity Alliance are the national charity for disabled people in sport and activity. There website is jampacked full of helpful articles and signposting to local clubs and accessible sporting opportunities. If you know you want to be more active, but aren’t sure where to begin, they even have a section on their website called : How To Start.

Outdoor Activity Holidays At Bendrigg Trust

If you fancy an “outdoor activity holiday” it can often be difficult to find somewhere that is fully accessible in both accommodation and the activities. Bendrigg Trust is FULLY accessible and run fully inclusive trips for groups, adults and families of all abilities to take part in activities such as Climbing, Canoeing, Caving, Zip Wire & more. Their site is based in Kendal, Cumbria and has amazing accessible accommodation facilities and adaptive equipment for adventure activities.

We hope this gives you some inspiration and confidence for planning your next adventure in the great outdoors!

This article was provided by Contributing Editor Martha Wood.

Martha works at the Bendrigg Trust

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