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Suzi Shaw

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Singer, actress and TV personality Suzanne Shaw became a member of the chart- topping band ‘Hear’say’ in 2001, selling over 1.5 million records and holding a world record for the fastest selling non-charitable single. She won series 3 of ‘Dancing on Ice’, was series regular Eve Jenson in the popular UK soap opera ‘Emmerdale’, and has numerous West End and touring theatre credits.

From the age of 19, Suzanne has lived under the scrutiny of the media, which in-turn played a big part in her 19-year battle with her mental health. After years of unhealthy living and anti-depressants, Suzanne had finally had enough of living this way and went on a mission to find her ‘happy’ again.

She has completed multiple extreme running challenges in the past, but her next will be her toughest test yet! Suzanne will run at least an ultra marathon (30 miles) for four consecutive days to highlight the fact that 1 in 4 people in in the UK experience mental health issues every year. For added jeopardy, Suzanne will roll a 4-sided dice at the start of each day and if she rolls a 1 then the distance will increase to 50 miles! This means the total distance could be 120 miles or 200 miles – depending on how the dice falls.

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