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Joshua Patterson

OA Webinar How to manage my anxiety through physical activity 2

Josh set off on a journey to find a focus, an outlet for his mental health and fuel his passion for adventure. What he found was a remarkable community, an acquisition of empathy and the realisation that he does not struggle with mental health but rather uses it as his power.

Josh’s current challenge, Run for 1 Million, running 76 Marathons in 76 Cities in 76 days! This challenge is in partnership with the Samaritans; a charity that responds to over 10,000 calls for help a day. The Samaritan’s drive is to change the way that society thinks about suicide in addition to the services they provide – a goal that aligns with Josh’s wider mission of changing how mental health is perceived. Raising money for this incredible charity will help them answer even more calls, and be an ear for the people that need it.

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