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Dwayne Fields

Dwayne Fields

In 2010 Dwayne Fields was the first young black Briton to walk 370 miles to reach the Magnetic North Pole.

Born in Jamaica, Dwayne grew up in the UK from the age of 6. He has been the victim of both knife and gun crime and as a result of his experiences of the effects of gangs and crime, he decided to change his life.

He became an adventurer/explorer, completed a combined honours degree in Psychology, International Development and Business Management and spent three years as an electrical mechanical engineer for London Underground before following his passion and raising funds to reach the magnetic North Pole.

In 2010, Dwayne walked to the Magnetic North Pole, becoming the first black Briton to achieve this feat. On his return he was invited to Buckingham Palace to a reception to mark the centenary of Scott’s expedition to the South Pole in the presence of the HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

In 2013 Dwayne was awarded the Freedom of the City of London.

Dwayne currently works with young people in inner city areas. Dwayne is a dedicated Ambassador for the Scout Association, the National Trust the Woodland Trust and Ordnance Survey and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

At the end of 2019 Dwayne and his expedition partner Phoebe Smith, on a mission to engage young people to realise there are epic adventures on their own doorstep, highlight environmental issues close to home and turn the spotlight on wildlife conservation efforts undertook an expedition from the northernmost to the southernmost points of mainland Britain, in their ‘Seabirds to South’ adventure. This was the same distance they will walk in their planned carbon neutral trip to Antarctica in 2022. Their next project is to take a group of under-privileged young people to Antarctica in 2021 on a specially chartered expedition ship through their #WeTwo Foundation.

Dwayne is a force to be reckoned with and is currently planning his next adventure and working on several broadcast projects.

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