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Carl Orme

OA Webinar How to manage my anxiety through physical activity

A former British army soldier and officer who has been involved in and around mental health for over a decade. Since leaving the forces he has supported a number of charitable organisations and causes, individually raising over £25,000 along the way.

An accomplished host and speaker on the topic of mental health, having been invited to present at a variety of exhibitions, company events, numerous radio shows and podcasts; not only using these public and media platforms to reach thousands of people to share his own experiences but the stories of others too - within the last 3 years he has interviewed and worked with over 40 elite sportsmen/women, from multiple Olympians & global medallists to world boxing champions and celebrities, discussing their story, helping them to inspire others and mentoring a number of them too.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, He ran his first marathon in September 2019 and since has run a further 40, with London 2023 being his most recent. Included in some of the 41 marathons have been; 20 marathons in 2020, including 10 in 10 days in 10 counties dressed as a giant breast for Breast Cancer UK, a marathon in a kilt through Edinburgh, one on a 3m balcony on holiday, with an egg and spoon, carrying a 26.2lb dumbbell and dressed as Harry Potter around the streets of London being amongst them. Away from running he has climbed the height of Everest on his stairs in 4 days during lockdown, and in October 2021 he was one of a 6-person mixed team who broke the Guinness World record for most chest to floor burpees in 12 hrs (8,723).

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