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How to run in your 40's and beyond

Whether you have never run in your life, or are looking to take the next step in your running journey, this live digital panel will provide you with the education and inspiration you need to breath a new lease of life into your fitness journey. 

Our expert panelists, Jo Pavey, Tasha Thompson, Martin Hopkinson and Sally Brider will be answering the questions you want answering.

Running at 40 Plus

Running at 40 Plus was founded by Sally and Martin in January 2021. They felt there needed to be a “safe” and supportive space for runners of all abilities over the age of 40 to come together and share their stories and experiences. To encourage and support each other as equals. To “Be Inspired and Inspire”

Since their foundation they have seen exponential growth and now have in excess of 100,000 followers across their social media platforms, including a very active private community group in excess of 17,000 members. 

It quickly became evident to them that there are a variety of reasons people take up running, especially over the age of 40. These ranged from weight loss, general fitness, charity work, racing and the social side. But what “stuck” out was mental health issues, Clearly, across the board, funding for anything mental health is severely lacking.

If you are interested in joining this community then click the link below.

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Livestream Agenda

How to run in your 40's and beyond

Tue 4th Jul 2023, 17:00pm (Europe/London)

Whether you have never run in your life, or are looking to take the next step in your running journey, this live digital panel will provide you with the education and inspiration you need to breath a new lease of life into your fitness journey.

Our expert panelists, Jo Pavey, Tasha Thompson, Martin Hopkinson and Sally Brider will be answering the questions you want answering.

Speaking in this session

Sally Brider

Sally Bridger headshot

I discovered the joy and benefits of running in later life after battling the anxiety and depression that came with the menopause.

I had been running for only eight months when I took on my first marathon at the London Marathon in 2017. I was 53 years and 7 months. It was only meant to be a ‘one off’ bucket list adventure but running, and especially that ‘finish line feeling’ had became addictive!!

I absolutely love to challenge age perceptions and assumptions of what women can / should be doing at this time of life and am intrigued to find out what my mind and body are still capable of achieving…one of the reasons I took on my first 50km ultra this year. In turn I hope to inspire other women that we are still so capable of setting ourselves and achieving big dreams and goals. I’m also a big advocate of breaking the taboo around the ‘menopause’ word and talking about this challenging time of life, sharing experiences and showing that there is life on the other side.

I’m not going to pretend that I always find the ageing process easy to accept or embrace because I don’t but, and I know it’s a cliché I really do believe that age is just a number. I think the secret is not to let that ‘number’ determine what you think you can or can’t do.

One of my running highlights was being selected as a member of the ASICS FrontRunner UK team in March 2020. I love being part of this diverse group of people as well as the wider running community which I find to be inspiring, supportive and encouraging.

Running has been a real game changer for me…it rescued me from the darkest period of my life and now brings so many positives . Whilst it’s also become my natural mechanism for staving off the ageing process, both physically and mentally, I also think I’m probably my happiest when I’m wearing my running kit!!

Jo Pavey

Jo Pavey headshot

Jo has been ranked European number one on numerous occasions at various distances between 2004 & 2014 and has also ranked in the world’s top 3 in 2004 & 2007. Jo is the oldest European Champion in history & the only British runner to have competed in five Olympic Games.

European Record 2 miles indoors 2004, Commonwealth Record 3000m indoors 2004 & 2007. Jo also holds a number of masters world records including 5000m, 10000m and ten miles.

Jo’s book, This Mum Runs, was published in July 2016. The paperback edition was released in March 2017. Jo’s book was shortlisted for the Cross Sports National Book Awards – autobiography of the year.

Tasha Thompson

Tasha Thompson headshot

Hey Tasha here, I have been running and racing for 23 years. I live in London, UK, and have two children and am the founder of Black Girls Do Run UK. I am also LiRf qualified, a runsome running mayor and involved with the London Marathon inclusion advisory group.

In 2019 to celebrate 20 years of running and I decided to give back to the sport I love to play and that has given me so much and created Black Girls Do Run UK; a community to inspire, encourage and motivate regular black women to run. The group was founded based on my experiences throughout my years of running and noticing that there was a lack of diversity in races and running in general, so I decided to try and do something about it. The initial aim of the group was to increase visibility of regular black women running and to meet up at races and it has grown into an amazing community and I am incredibly proud of it.

I am a huge advocate of running and believe that with the right encouragement anyone can run and call themselves a runner. I am especially passionate about running at our own happy pace, enjoying the process, celebrating achievements, creating bucket lists, cycling and finding creative ways to fit movement into our busy lives.

My running goals are to continue to nurture Black Girls Do Run UK, maybe run an ultra-race, cycle around the Isle of Wight and keep pressing forward with my goal to earn 100 running medals by the end of 2023.

Martin Hopkinson

Martin Hopkinson headshot

Martin has been involved in athletics from his Army Days, when he was a member of the Army Athletics Team alongside Kriss Akabusi and Kelly Holmes.

Inspired by his mum, who was an accomplished distance runner well into her 40s, Martin set up ‘Running at 40 Plus’ in 2021 to bring together an inclusive community for runners over 40. The organisation, which advocates raising mental health awareness and reducing stigma, has seen exponential growth and is proud to have Jo Pavey as its Ambassador.