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At Raccoon Events we create content and events for a diverse range of people united with a passion for being outside and active. We are a small team who love what we do and will gratefully accept help from other people who also have a passion for getting our community outside and active.

We cover all aspects of being outside and active including, but not limited to; camping, walking, hiking, running, excursions, eating outdoors and soon to be added, snow, water and cycling. 

Would you like to be a contributing editor to Outside & Active?

To be a contributing editor, you don’t have to have a huge social media following, we just ask that you are actively engaged with the outside community and are happy to engage in the following activities:

  • Suggest ideas and give feedback on site content
  • Act as a sounding board
  • Submit two pieces of content per month for the website and / or it’s social channels
  • Recommend the platform to others in your community

As a contributing editor you will receive:

  • A money-can’t-buy VIP ticket for our events: National Snow Show, The National Running Show, The National Outdoor Expo, The National Cycling Show with access to our VIP area throughout the event
  • An Outside & Active Buff
  • The opportunity to network and meet other ambassadors through our dedicated Facebook Group
  • Invitation to attend ambassador events
  • Profile page on our website

If you would like to become a contributing editor, then please fill out this super short form and we'll be in touch with you soon.