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23 March, 2021


YAMAtune - Spider Arch System

Our unique Spider Arch compression layout is created in such a way that it cradles and supports your foot as it wraps around it like spider webs.

Yamatune product image

This design helps reduce the stress of impact, making for a more comfortable run. Spider Arch offers 20-30 mmHg of compression, providing health benefits such as relief from edema, DVT, varicose veins and post-sclerotherapy. Suitable for nonperformance use, such as wearing on long haul flights and standing or walking from long periods.

Yamatune UK

Performance matters, no matter the setting. That’s why we combine a meticulous design approach with over 60 years of production experience to create the highest quality performance socks for marathoning, outdoor pursuits, athletics and everyday use. Hailing from Hokkaido, Japan and newly launching in the UK and Europe, we believe comfort and support should always be optimised. So, no matter where you go, stay prepared for wherever the adventure takes you.

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