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24 January, 2022

Work harder not smarter to get the best results

We've all been there, slogging away at the hours of training, work, family and life commitments. But are we really training smart? Lilly Adkins shares here thoughts.

Work smarter not harder


What do you think?

In my opinion, I wholeheartedly DISAGREE!

I know many people who work their socks off & don’t get outcomes they wish for.

I got tired of listening to ‘motivational’ hype…

‘You’ve got to hustle 10 x harder than everyone else’
‘Get up at 5am, work 7 days a week, do whatever it takes’
‘Remember when you’re sleeping, someone else is working’

Yeah, cos that’s sustainable- Let’s just make ourselves overwhelmed, exhausted, burnout & ill in the process.

Been there?

Me too.

In my opinion, it’s about working SMARTER not harder (most of us already work hard).

Let me give you an example…

Years ago, we used to do weekly, face to face group sessions, in a local sports hall. Lots of people wanted to join, but it

was too far away. Lots of people struggled to come on set days & times due to other commitments.

We listened & it got us thinking…

What if we create an online program where people don’t have to travel, that they can do anytime that suits them & anywhere in the world.

And that’s where the online Injury Prevention Program was born.

Yes, it took time & hard work to create it, but it now means that we are no longer working late hours each week. It also means that we can help more runners (it felt like we were letting so many runners down who wanted/needed our help, but weren’t local)


It saves our clients time; it fits into their lifestyle & provides way more value to them.

Win for us & win for our clients. Now that’s working smart!

So, ask yourself are there any ways that you can work smarter?

If you feel like you are working hard with your running, but injuries keep holding you back, be smart & join our upcoming 5-day challenge here

Article provided by Lilly Adkins from MoveBetterRunBetter

Work harder not smarter move better run better

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