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22 January, 2024


Will YOU Conquer Eczema in 2024?

Eczema. When you’ve got it, you know. That itching and prickling torments you when you’re outside and active or working indoors.

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Sweating makes it flare, and cold makes it flare. You can’t win. It robs you of sleep, distracts you from work and study, damages your self-confidence, and takes its toll on your mental and emotional health. It can even affect your earnings and your relationship opportunities if people see the eczema rash before they see and hear the real you. You’ve been doing everything you’ve been told to do to manage it. You exercise, you try to eat well, but it just keeps flaring despite everything you try, right? And you’re told that’s because Eczema is incurable.

But is it? REALLY?

Or is it possible, there’s information you haven’t been told about?

Is it possible, there’s a better way to treat eczema?

Is it possible, to turn it off from the inside, rather than just trying to manage the symptoms on the outside?

Most Eczema sufferers don’t realise that Eczema can involve 8 different areas of health. It’s not just a dermatology issue, and not everyone has the same reason for developing it. That’s why what worked for one person online often doesn’t work for you. Eczema can be caused by toxins, parasites, nutritional deficiencies, allergies, excess stress, gut dysfunction, genetic mutations, mitochondrial dysfunction, or an imbalanced immune system. Phew!

And what makes healing eczema even more challenging is that having one of these issues makes it highly likely you will develop many of the other issues. Let’s take parasites for example. If you have a parasite infection, you will likely become nutritionally deficient as the parasites will be stealing the nutrients from you. In addition, you’ll develop an immune imbalance leading to higher levels of inflammation as your cells try to deal with the invaders, and this leads to increased allergies, which increases your stress levels and affects your gene expressions for making healthy skin. What a minefield! How do you find out which internal issues are affecting you? Has anyone tested you for them? No, I thought not.

Why Does Eczema Flare When You Exercise?

Overcoming eczema can feel like trying to scale the highest mountain or pressing forward on the longest endurance run. You can feel that overwhelming sense of wanting to quit but still choose to hold onto that goal of getting to the finish line. In this case, cracking eczema and getting free.

Carolyn Akinyemi founder of The Eczema Academy and The Eczema Channel (YouTube) has first-hand knowledge of the challenges of navigating the eczema maze. Having 4 children very close together in age and each of them developing chronic eczema, she set out to discover what was going on inside their bodies to cause those eczema flares. She decided it must be better to treat the roots rather than the fruits. And guess what? She turned their eczema off on the inside. No more little faces covered in itchy red rashes. No more little backs being red raw from flares. No more itching, bleeding arms and legs. Instead, happy little children playing outside in shorts and T-shirts without feeling embarrassed about their skin! And treating roots doesn’t just work for the kiddies. It works for adults too, regardless of how long you’ve battled with eczema. Finding out what’s happening INSIDE, means you can stop shooting in the dark and start focussing your energy on what’s really going to get you the results you want: clear, comfortable skin.

Going back to my original question… Will YOU conquer eczema in 2024? Your answer depends on what you are going to do. Athletes measure their performances, right? Doing so, helps you to improve. You can focus on doing more of what works for you. And if something isn’t helping you get to where you want to be, you can drop it. Your health shouldn’t be any different. Assessing where you are with eczema and what you’ve tried so far will help you realise what’s worked and what hasn’t. Just like with exercise, trying a different tactic often brings new fresh results. Is it time for you to start treating the roots not just the fruits?

Carolyn has developed a free quiz to help you do this. In just 30 seconds, you can answer a few questions on your eczema history to identify what’s going on inside you or your child. You also receive an email result with a free teaching video on what your results means which gives you a good indication of where to start. Everyone completing the quiz also gets FREE access to the first module of her new course Eczema Decoded. It’s a real eye opener titled: “What Your Eczema Diagnosis REALLY means!” Honestly if you suffer from Eczema, you really need to watch this.

Click the link below to access the quiz.

Also subscribe to her YouTube channel here where you can find a LOT of very helpful information.

Eczema Channel - YouTube

Here’s to conquering eczema in 2024!

Why Eczema Flares When You Sweat

Eczema Academy

We exist to provide high-quality education and effective eczema care to two groups of people. Firstly, to chronic eczema sufferers who are frustrated because nothing they have tried has given them relief, and secondly, to holistic health professionals who are open to learning proven ways to provide real help to their eczema patients.

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