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17 September, 2022


Warren Miller DAYMAKER UK Premiere announced

We're thrilled to announce that the UK Warren Miller tour is back with the 73rd film DAYMAKER.

The highly anticipated film will be launched with three premieres:

  • GLASGOW IMAX – Monday 21 November
  • LONDON Curzon Soho – Tuesday 22 November
  • BIRMINGHAM Crescent Theatre – Wednesday 23 November

The premiere events will be an opportunity for snowsports fans to get the first look of the new Daymaker film, with guest presenters and athlete ‘meet and greet’ opportunities. LIMITED TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE.

Book your tickets now to make sure you don't miss out. There will only be 3 Premiere Screenings (expect pro skiers, amazing prizes, famous hosts and audience freebies), but there will also be a number of tour screenings around the UK - further details coming soon.

Official full-length trailer

Want a taste of the action? View the full-length trailer here.

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