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5 November, 2021


The importance of getting your nutrition right

In conversation with Ben Turner talking about the importance of nutrition as part of your training. Ben helps demystify your nutrition and helps you lead a healthier happier life.

Ben Turner

is an MNU Certified Evidence Based Nutritionist and endurance athlete with a mission to guide you through the over-complicated world of nutrition, show you how to become a fitter, stronger, more robust person, and how to bring you best and healthiest self forward.

Ben served in the British Army for 7 years before dedicating himself to extreme endurance challenges consisting of ultra marathons with a 25kg rucksack, the Glencoe Skyrace, the Three Peaks Rope Climb, 3373km solo bike packing around Iceland and 16 marathons in 16 days in 16 national parks around the UK. Now with a vision of record breaking runs for 2021, Ben pairs his passion with his knowledge to demystify nutrition, fitness and mental fortitude.

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