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19 April, 2023


The 999 Three Peaks Challenge

In this article Dean Lewis, a serving member of the Ambulance Service Special Operations Hazardous Area Response Team, walks us through his upcoming 999 Three Peaks challenge and how you can get involved

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I am Dean Lewis, a serving member of the Ambulance Service Special Operations Hazardous Area Response Team (HART). Unfortunately there is a lack of available support within a sensible time frame with the Ambulance Service’s welfare team, for those of us who need their support in managing their mental health due to being overwhelmed themselves.

I was fortunate, due to my background, that I reached out to Rock 2 Recovery who supported me and they have changed my life with their unwavering support, so much so that I have become a proud supporter and advocate for them. Rock 2 Recovery and RV One now support the ‘Blue Light’ community, as well as serving military personnel, veterans and their families. I was asked by them to be their spokesperson and advocate within the Ambulance Service.

I have direct communication with the head of the Ambulance Service Staying Well Service, who I have worked with to integrate Rock 2 Recovery as an official provider of support and welfare. Whilst there is still some way to go with the ‘Staying well’ provision but it is improving.

The results of an ONS analysis of occupational suicide risk between 2011 and 2015 indicated that there were 20 suicide deaths amongst paramedics in England during that period. The risk of suicide amongst male paramedics was 75% higher than the national average.

Over a 2 year period, 8 AS trusts identified 15 staff suicides (11 male, 4 female). The mean age of those dying by suicide was 42 years of age.

And these are just the recorded statistics.

The Event:

In May 2023 I will be completing a ‘999 Three Peaks’ challenge within 12 days which, represents each Ambulance Service Trust within England, Wales and Scotland, this will consist of 27 summits:

  • Snowdon 9 times.
  • Scafell Pike 9 times.
  • Ben Nevis 9 times.

The aim of this is to achieve the following:

  • To raise money for the following charities and CIC: Rock 2 Recovery and RV One who have supported me.
  • To raise awareness around the lack of support, mental health support and welfare provided for members of the Ambulance Service.
  • To promote the charities and normalise reaching out for help, within those who are serving and have served in the Ambulance Service.

If you would like to find out more about this challenge and donate towards a worthy cause then you can follow the link below.

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