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16 February, 2023


Synchronised swimming, only with horses

“There is no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse“ – Robert Smith Surtees. Learn more about All Steps Formation Riding.

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The All-Steps vision

The aim of All-Steps is to bring back the original discipline, formation riding, quadrille or ‘drille’ riding as its all known by, and bring it to a competitive platform. It is the original discipline used by most of the militaries who engaged in warfare, the training of the riders and their horses on how to ride as a successful unit which was critical to their survival and returning to their garrisons alive.

The best introduction to All-Steps Formation Riding would be the ethos of why the platform was started in the first place; ‘grab a test, grab your friends and grab some music…. now go have fun!!’. The goal is to give riders another way of enjoying their horses with their teammates and friends, on a competitive basis that can take them all the way to the championships or just for giggles.


From time-to-time riders have ‘niggles’ which can be caused by overriding and inadvertently create more issues. Formation riding can help the horse to find its own balance and a softer contact. This enables the rider to change focus from themselves and their horse to working as a unit with their co-riders. This can greatly help the horse and rider in finding a rhythm together in unison with their fellow riders. This can help the horse develop by engaging the hindquarters and going forward, without falling on the forehand.

The purpose is to give the overall appearance of elegance, to mirror your partner in the team, to make sure the lines, circles and shapes are completely held up and in line with each other, no matter how many in the ride.


We have two galas this year, one at The Grange in Okehampton, Devon and the second in Hartpury University, Gloucestershire. Both gala shows will be packed full of entertaining equestrian acts alongside live vocalists. As if that isn’t enough, the day times are full of opportunities to get involved. Why not try one of the clinics? Bring your horse and have a go at formation riding, riding with flags, piaffe or liberty. Not only all of this but the chance to have a go at the formation riding championship.

The displays will demonstrate the versatility of the discipline by showcasing a variety of different breeds, shapes and sizes, and how they can all work in harmony and unison together. There is an extensive list of movements which will be demonstrated in the displays. These would show how to ride the movements and explain what is looked for, and why, by the judges.

We aim to include some of the prestigious European schools in the Gala evening performances. We are incredibly proud to host the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art at Hartpury University for a once in a lifetime performance in the Southwest. There will also be displays from the All-Steps Formation Riding teams, a Shetland Performance team, the elegant Mia Rodley, a quadrille of Icelandic Horses, and Gallien Gautier with his team of intrepid stunt riders amongst others.

Where does our name come from?

P.S. the name was taken from old school terminology of the Spanish School of Vienna, ‘all steps and movements of high school training, performed by a quadrille of stallions seen in Olympic Grand Prix tests’.

If you are interested in finding out more including how to set up a clinic in your area, becoming a coach or attending one of our Formation Festivals please contact us at: [email protected]

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All Steps Formation

Traditionally only the select few experience the amazing harmony and connection between horse and rider whilst riding to music, following the flow of other riders.

Now, the new and exciting ‘All Steps Formation Riding’ gives every rider the opportunity to feel the connection with their horse. The ability to ride horses in harmony to music with your friends on a competitive platform is a unique and amazing experience that must not be missed…

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