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20 October, 2022


Spyder Debuts “The Science of Speed” Campaign

Spyder, one of the world’s most recognizable outdoor and lifestyle brands, today announced ‘The Science of Speed’, which represents an epiphany and turning point for the company

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Speed is relative

After spending decades of research and development devoted to all things fast, Spyder has pivoted its understanding that speed is relative. The Science of Speed invites all outdoor enthusiasts to participate no matter what pace they live life at. The mantra will also serve as Spyder’s future design strategy, with a focus on technical construction, innovative properties and quality fabrications. The new campaign can be found across the brand’s platforms including, e-commerce and social media.

“Spyder has always subscribed to the mantra of creating products with purpose,” said Brady Collings, GM of Spyder at Liberated Brands, the key partner for Spyder apparel. “The launch of The Science of Speed is especially important to the brand as we are committed to providing consumers with the necessary tools to live out their adventure and continue on their journey, whether on the mountain or off.”

Science of speed

Leading the Ski Industry

Spyder is poised to continue to lead the ski industry in development and production as it has for over forty years, beginning with the launch of the first-ever padded race sweater in 1978. As the ski racing community continued to expand, Spyder invested in extensive research to create products that enabled racers to reach new speeds and break records.

The campaign is now live and can be found at and on @spyderactive.

More about Spyder

Spyder is one of the world’s most recognizable and credible outdoor sportswear brands. Focused on enhancing the ski experience both on and off the mountain, Spyder prides itself on its advanced technical composition and style. Spyder offers technical ski, fitness, swim and lifestyle apparel and accessories for men, women, and children. The highly sought-after brand is available in over 180 direct-to-consumer retail outposts globally as well as department stores, sporting goods stores and specialty retailers throughout North America, Europe, South Korea, China, Japan and LATAM.

Skiing Spyder

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