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11 August, 2021


Sponsor an adventure to inspire young lives

Adventures come in all shapes and sizes, from travelling to the ends of the earth to exploring your local ‘patch’. Yet they all have one thing in common – they help us to build resilience and face challenges.

The young people on the Youth Adventure Programme from the Youth Adventure Trust, might not ever get the opportunity to benefit from having an adventure. 

Could you be the person who inspires the next generation?

The Youth Adventure Trust, a charity that uses outdoor adventure to support vulnerable and disadvantaged young people, is asking supporters to sponsor a young person’s Youth Adventure Journey from just £1.90 a week. Sponsors receive regular updates about their young person’s adventures and progress whilst they are on the programme, helping them to achieve more than they realised they could. You will be changing lives through outdoor adventure.

“I know that when I step out of my comfort zone to take on a challenge, that’s when I’m able to tackle things more difficult than I imagined I’d be capable of. It’s the same for the young people on our Programme, it’s about giving them that crucial opportunity to learn and develop.” Mark Davey, Chief Executive, Youth Adventure Trust

Eighty young people have joined the Youth Adventure Programme this summer; young people who will benefit so much from outdoor experiences combined with the support of highly skilled staff and volunteers. At a time when young people need help more than ever, your regular gift will ensure the Youth Adventure Trust can continue to offer crucial support through adventure.

If you and your family have a summer of adventures planned, then please consider supporting a young person to get outside who wouldn’To find out more and join the journey, visit

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