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6 June, 2024


Shokz Brings Bluetooth® Versatility with OpenSwim Pro Waterproof Open-Ear Headphones

Leading consumer electronics brand Shokz renowned for its open ear headphones with patented bone conduction technology, today announces the upcoming launch of OpenSwim Pro, the brand’s first Bluetooth and MP3 compatible sports headphone made with bone-conduction technology.

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OpenSwim Pro has an open ear design and ultra-lightweight frame making it the ultimate multi-sport headphone. OpenSwim Pro allows users to maintain situational awareness, while listening to their favourite music in any environment, whether that’s swimming, running, or cycling. Its versatility extends beyond sport; perfect for interacting with friends, colleagues, and family.

The OpenSwim Pro headphones have a flexible Nickel-Titanium alloy frame, combining a soft silicone material and a biofit design that does not obstruct other garments such as a swimming cap or goggles. With a simple press of a button, or via the Shokz app, users can easily switch modes between Bluetooth streaming and MP3 listening.

Vincent Xiong, Chief Executive Officer at Shokz says:

“We know that swimmers love our existing OpenSwim headphones, but our most requested feature was the ability to utilize Bluetooth out of the water as well. We’re incredibly proud to launch the OpenSwim Pro, in what is our most versatile headphone to date. With both Bluetooth and MP3 capabilities, OpenSwim Pro unlocks an athlete’s full potential and is built to be comfortable, safe, and secure in any situation.”

Designed with Shokz’ PremiumPitchTM 2.0+ technology, the headphones produce clear sound, powerful volume, and a rich bass. Maintaining sound quality in every environment, the OpenSwim Pro headphones have two EQ modes – a standard mode and vocal mode. Ensuring the audio quality is also sustained and clear, OpenSwim Pro also works for phone calls, designed with four in-built microphones, and is enabled with echo cancellation. It has 32GB of MP3 memory, allowing users to store up to 8,000 of their favourite songs.

OpenSwim Pro has an IP68 rating, allowing users to use their headphones for up to two hours submerged in two meters of water. Users can also expect up to nine hours of battery life, combined with quick charging. It transitions seamlessly between devices, thanks to its multipoint pairing and the use of Bluetooth v5.4 providing a quick and stable connection.

OpenSwim Pro Features:

  • IP68 waterproof rating provides swimmers up to two hours of use under two meters of water
  • Bluetooth & MP3 capability allows fitness enthusiasts to use OpenSwim Pro anytime, anywhere
  • Shokz’s signature open-ear design enhances situational awareness and connection in all environments
  • An ergonomic build ensures all-day comfort and a secure fit that remains in place during strenuous exercise
  • Equipped with PremiumPitchTM 2.0+, that allows for clear sound, powerful volume, and a rich bass
  • A nine hour battery life and quick charge feature ensure users never have to endure a workout without their music
  • The playlist opportunities are endless thanks to 32GB of MP3 memory, allowing users to store up to 8,000 songs
  • Four mics that allow the use of noise and echo cancellation providing clear calls
  • Listeners can get a more personalised listening experience by using the Shokz App to select your favorite EQ setting, including standard mode, vocal mode

OpenSwim Pro: Specs

Materials: Nickel-Titanium Alloy frame with Soft Silicone

Speaker Type: Bone conduction transducer

Frequency Response: 20 Hz~20 KHz

Audio: PremiumPitch™ 2.0+

Speaker: 105 ± 3 dB

Microphone Sensitivity: -38 dB ± 1 dB

Bluetooth® version: Bluetooth® V5.4

MP3 storage: 32GB

MP3 music formats: MP3, WMA, FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4A, APE

Wireless range: Up to 33 ft (10 m)

Battery type: Li-Polymer Battery

Battery capacity: 160 mAh(Min)

Continuous play time: Bluetooth mode: 9 Hours/ MP3 mode: 6 Hours

Charger type: Magnetic induction

Quick charge: A 10-minute charge gives 3 hours of battery life (music)

Weight: 27.3g

IP rating: IP68 Waterproof and Sweat-Resistant

Frequency band: 2,402 MHz~2,480 MHz

Warranty: 2 years

OpenSwim Pro is available for order today for £169 GBP on

About Shokz

Shokz audio products deliver premium stereo sound and the safety and comfort of an open-ear design to consumers worldwide. Shokz offers their patented open-ear technology to improve situational awareness and keep users connected to their surroundings. Since 2011, Shokz has used its proprietary technologies and signature open-ear design for endurance, lifestyle, and communication audio products, priced for everyday use. Learn more about the brand that inspires users to #beopen at

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