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20 September, 2022


Shakira Akabusi - Shattering the stereotypes of motherhood

This week on the Outside & Active podcast mum on a mission, Shakira Akabusi, joins us to squash some of the stereotypes surrounding motherhood and being active during pregnancy. She also talks through her relationship with physical activity and how she looks to maintain that with 4 children.

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This week on the Outside & Active Podcast, Dom speaks to Shakira Akabusi

Shakira is a mum on a mission; to shatter the stereotypes around motherhood, pre and postnatal health, including physical and mental wellbeing.

Following the birth of her first son, Shakira found motherhood to be the opposite of restrictive. Now, as a mother of four, Shakira has combined her professional knowledge as a qualified pre and postnatal trainer to create StrongLikeMum. A space for women to get all the information they need, not just on what they could be doing, but how to find the time and ways to balance fitness with Motherhood.

This episode is great for mothers at any stage of motherhood, but also for partners looking to support their other halves through pregnancy. Shakira speaks incredibly passionately about this topic and shatters some of the stereotypes surrounding motherhood. Everyone can take something from this episode, so we hope you enjoy!

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