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10 February, 2022


Season 2 of the Podcast Launches soon

We have a host of amazing guests lined up for you on Season 2 of the Outside and Active Podcast.

Season 2 Podcast Season Trailer

Inspiring Podcast Guests

Missed our first season? You can catch up for free on all episodes of the first season of the Outside & Active podcast here

Season Two 

The team are working hard on preparing our second season for launch on 15th February. 

On this short trailer, I chat to Dominic Brown who hosted a number of the amazing guests we invited onto the podcast about some of his best bits to look forward to for this season.

With guests including Kadeena Cox, Scott Jurek, Jonnie Peacock, Derek Redmond and Sean Conway to name just a few, we're really excited to share inspiring conversations with these incredible humans.

Tune in to season two from 15th February, supported by our amazing partners at Sports Tours International and Club La Santa.

Listen to the trailer here

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